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A Moonlit Race by Paper-Cities A Moonlit Race by Paper-Cities
Fireside hovered high above the everfree forest. An event was being held in Ponyville, some sort of congratulatory ceremony for the princess? Whatever it may be, the forest wouldn't be resting, so neither would Fireside. The night was going to be long and boring. Not a single soul was expected to be passing through when all the ponies were busy elsewhere, celebrating their princess for the umpteenth time.

"Hey!" A flash of red breezed by and settled atop a tree, balancing precariously on the highest branch. "Any action yet?"

"War Sketch!" Fireside flashed a smile. It wasn't intentional, but the stallion couldn't help but to grin when greeted by his favorite dragonpony. He sighed and landed on a neighboring tree, close to War Sketch. "Nothing yet."

The mare hummed in acknowledgement and gazed out at the forest. She could see everything from her vantage point. The moon was bright tonight, bringing a comforting glow to the foliage. In this lighting, on such a calm night, the forest didn't seem nearly as frightening as it was made out to be. It was endearing in a sense. The way the moon illuminated the still trees and the stars glimmered against a beautiful night sky- it demanded an audience. With all the other ponies busy in the town, only Fireside and War Sketch were lucky enough to bask in the view. Luna truly outdid herself tonight.

Fireside respected the forest, but he wasn't there for just a relaxing night. He tried to seem content, but War Sketch could tell the stallion wouldn't oppose a little action. 

War Sketch grinned and leapt from her branch, taking to the air. In one swift move, she gave Fireside a friendly bump on the arm and darted in front of him. "Come on, lazy bones, lets stretch those wings!"


War Sketch had that glint in her eye. "I'll race you! First to the edge of the forest wins!"

Before Fireside could even ask why, War Sketch was on the move.

"Hey! No fair!" The stallion dove off the tree and took to the sky with a flap of his powerful wings. The breeze beneath his feathers was exactly what he needed. In no time at all he was on War Sketch's tail. War Sketch glanced back at her handsome stallion and could see his competitive spirit igniting, replacing his itching need for excitement. That smile was all she needed to see to feel as though she had already won.

For :icondoublebackstitcharts:' contest! Which, ends tomorrow (procrastination at its finest) but if you have any time at all to whip something up, you definitely should give it a go!
  The Winter ''I Never Win Anything'' Contest!Do you like winning things? Me too! Do you ever win anything? I don't either! Is it fun to try to win something anyway? Depends on who you ask! Hi people, and welcome to the first (and potentially last if I don't remember next year) annual Winter "I Never Win Anything" Contest. I recently passed 1500 watchers here on DeviantArt, 228 watchers on FurAffinity, 170 follows on Tumbly, 800 likes on Facebook, it's a month from Chrissms, I just made a beanie pattern, and any other excuse to do this. So what's the deal with the WINWAC? I'm glad I asked.
PRIZES (because talking first about what you can win catches your attention):
If I get 1-29 submissions:
1 First Place prize of a beanie of your choosing
2 Second Place digital art prizes
If I get 30-99 submissions:
1 Grand prize of a Normal scale mare or stallion or anything in that size range you'd want sewn!3 First Place prizes of drawings of anything the winners want because there's no way I can get people to pay me to draw!1 Random d

I'm clearly not much of a writer, but I worked pretty hard on this picture, so I thought a little excerpt would be cute?! Needless to say, I don't often do backgrounds Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]   But I guess going out of my comfort zone is the only way to really improve,, !!
Fireside and War Sketch are some of the most out there characters available for the contest, so of course I had to draw them !! I hope I did alright !! 

Fireside belongs to DoubleBackstitchArts
And War Sketch belongs to Loves-To-Derp !!

Fixed War Sketch's cutie mark and credited her owner (whoops !!)
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Loves-To-Derp Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Student General Artist
*there is a bright flash then clouds of smoke, I appear out of the center*
I hath been summoned 
what mortal dare awaken me from my slumber? 
observes this fine piece of artwork*
This is an acceptable offering. 

Nah but anyways, this is fantastic!!! I agree with Promise, you really did a fantastic job portraying these two and how they interact with each other, and the drawing itself is just phenomenal!! I can't even with how gorgeous this is, from how the characters themselves are drawn down to every last detail! (And yes-that background is beyond beautiful~~) All in all this is a stupendous work of art!! Good luck in the contest! my vote's on you friend lol but yes, War Sketch is my darling child, so please credit me for her~ <3
The only thing that I see that's bugging me in the back of my brain is could you possibly flip the way the ? is facing? I know most cutiemarks on ponies reverse from flank-to-flank but War Sketch's cutiemark stays the same on both sides. If you can't make the change that's quite alright, everything about this drawing is perfect anyways <3 
Paper-Cities Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Fixed her cutie mark! How silly; I totally didn't realize it was a question mark at first? I can be a little slow sometimes haha ❤

Thank you so much; it makes me so happy to know you and BackStitch like my art! It was fun to experiment a little and your characters are super cute! I'm glad I could capture their relationship; I can kind of relate to them and that's partially what made me wanna draw these two in particular ❤

And, of course, I credited you! Sorry about that!!
Loves-To-Derp Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Student General Artist
lol it's perfectly fine~ it's very stylized so I can see how it can be misconstrued to be a symbol of some kind :3 

You're very welcome! You're very talented at what you do, I feel honored that my little Sketchy and Fireside are the ones you chose to draw~ Awwww that's super cute that you can relate to the two of them! You're free to draw them anytime you like, I'd actually love to see more of these two in your style, do you by any chance do art trades? :3 

Its quite alright my friend mistakes happen, thank you for doing that~ ^3^ 
DoubleBackstitchArts Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Oh wooooow <3 Like, really really wow. This is wonderful, and the story here too is fantastic. This represents the characters very well, and you drew them beautifully. Your background looks lovely to me ;p Thank you so much for this submission!
Also, funny thing to note, War Sketch is actually my friend's character, Loves-To-Derp. I hope that this summons her here so she can see this brilliant piece.
Paper-Cities Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much; super happy you like it! ❤
Silly me, I added credit to Loves-to-derp !! Completely slipped my mind that she wasn't your character, whoops!
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